There are a number of manmade and natural stone tiles available on the market to surface the various places in any home. The most commonly used is porcelain and ceramic tiles due to the versatility, cost efficiency, and easy maintenance. With that in mind, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips and advice on cleaning ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and grout.

Cleaning Porcelain Tile Without Streaks

1. Especially ensuring the edges and corners as they have a tendency to buildup debris; remove the surface of dirt and grime. Microfiber dust mops are optimal, vacuuming on the bare floor setting, or even a broom are handy options to thoroughly remove all the grit.
2. Always follow manufacturer’s directions when using a department pre-made cleaner. If it is not concentrated, pre-treat your porcelain tile floor with a hot water rinse can help loosen the grime. Mix a gallon of warm water with ½ cup of white vinegar, if you prefer home remedies.
3. Scrub your floors down with a medium firmness, vinyl bristled brush using your cleaner and circular patterns.
4. Wipe up the any remnants and residues with a clean damp cloth and warm water.
5. Generally, porcelain is stain-resistant, however stains can still occur and if any stains do remain, concentrate your efforts in that specific area with previous steps.
6. Allow surface to dry.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Without Streaking

1. Extract the dirt; make certain the edges and corners are not neglected and all accumulating debris is cleared away. Microfiber dust mop, soft bristle broom, or a vacuum on bare floor setting are all acceptable methods to thoroughly remove the debris.
2. Combine a gallon of warm water with 2 Tbsp of mild liquid dish soap. If the water begins looking cloudy as you mop the floor, change the water solution to avoid recontamination, sticky and/or soapy residue buildup. If your preference is a premade blend, follow the label for proper directions.
3. Allow to fully air dry before allowing traffic or replacing area rugs or light furniture you may have removed before you began.

Grout Cleaning

You will need some serious cleaning power if your grout is particularly stained, and the most popular method is with bleach and baking soda. However, conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous place to ensure it will not compromise the actual color of your grout as this concoction has the capability to lighten colors. If you opt to utilize this method, we strongly recommended you wear a breathing mask, safety glasses and cleaning gloves.
1. Form a paste combining approximately ¾ cups baking soda with ¼ cup bleach.
2. For methodical execution for time efficiency and thoroughness, conduct the application in a grid pattern if the space is large, allow the mixture to set 10-15 minutes. Using a designated toothbrush or firm bristled brush, scrub the mixture into the grout with circular motions and allow it to set 10-15 more minutes.
3. Wipe clean with a warm cloth.
4. Keep in mind that grout is dark when it’s wet; wait until it is dry to determine if the steps need to be repeated.

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