Most modern carpets are made from woven synthetic fibers, either nylon, rayon or a combination of fibers. Rayon is the backing of choice for nearly all carpets. High end carpets may be made from wool. The nature of carpeting results in dirt deposited on the surface, and then migrating through the carpet building up on the padding. Traffic tends crush fibers resulting in the pile from being vertical to compressed and collapsing into the horizontal. Long shags mat when dirty and crumpled due to foot traffic. Carpets are rated by pile height, density or thickness of weave generally preferred in high traffic areas though density does not necessarily relate to overall quality. Shorter the pile the better as it resists crushing and matting and is easier to clean. Shorter piles resist crushing and marking from furniture legs better than long strands. The vacuums rotating brush-beater bar snags and pulls shag carpets far more than a short pile carpet. Turn of the vacuum beater or use an attachment without one on your shags for longer life.

What Does Vacuuming Carpet Do?

Vacuuming will pull dirt from the surface down to the backing but will seldom affect material that has journeyed through backing. Thus, this dirt builds up. Dirt is soil containing contaminates. Minerals comprises much of the constituents of the debris found deposited on carpets. These minerals are sharp edge crystal grains the shred and tear carpets when tread upon. So dirty carpets wear faster than maintained and clean carpets. Vacuuming removes the surface contaminents but to access and remove the deeper dirt some means to float these grains to surface for removal is needed.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

There are various methodologies for carpet cleaning.
Dry Carpet Cleaning. Highly recommended by carpet manufacturers it is the up and coming technology, and requires no dry time. Though some doubt exists as to dry cleaning effectiveness it is gaining in popularity. It does however use dry, powdered chemicals applied by a motorized counter rotating brushes to open the fibers and force the compound deep into the carpet. The chemicals are biodegradable and act like micro-sponges absorbing the dirt and grime. Most machines use proprietary chemical and machines customized to work with them. Dry cleaning is great for offices that operate around the clock 7 days a week, no dry time.
Bonnet Cleaning. This is a wet process using a cleaning solution applied by a motorized rotating applicator pad. Bonnet cleaning is a popular hotel method. Though a wet process it is good for tiding up high traffic areas allowing for fast drying. The downside is that it is a surface cleaning only and will not be as effective as a deep cleaning method.
Encapsulation. This method utilizes a foaming encapsulating synthetic detergent that crystallizes to a powder when dried. Loosened dirt is encapsulated by the compound and vacuumed up when dry. This uses less water than shampooing leading to more rapid drying. Less residual chemicals are also an advantage but this system is limited in so far applications for deep cleaning.
Carpet Shampooing. Many of us have rented the shampooer from a store to clean our carpets. Shampoo, a foaming detergent applied with copious amounts of water is then sucked up by a special vacuum in a one-step processes by the shampooer. No rinse process leads to accumulation of chemicals and long drying time. Encapsulation is supplanting this older method.
Steam Cleaning AKA Hot Water Extraction. This is the king of deep cleaning. This method uses high pressure hot water to agitate the fibers, and dissolve dirt and grime. The application of detergent with the water helps loosen carpet debris deep down. As it is followed by a rinse, fewer chemical are left behind.

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Study the methods, but for the best deep clean available the hot water extraction method is the go to procedure. Leading Carpet Cleaning offers professional steam cleaning services for a deep down clean. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.