Steph R.

September 21, 2015

Leading Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners were indirectly referred to us by my neighbor when I saw the truck in their driveway. We have a store bought carpet steam cleaning machine but it’s just not as powerful as a truck mounted steam carpet cleaner and I’ve never used it to try to clean our sofas or mattresses. This amazing residential carpet cleaning company were able to fit us in the next day which was fantastic! We were immediately impressed with the professionalism and care. The technicians really took pride in our carpet and upholstery cleaning. Their mattress cleaning achieved pet odor and stain removal I never would have thought possible and their drapery cleaning got rid of all the built up dust. Our carpets are over five years old and our sofas are more than a little worn too. We called Leading looking for a better carpet and what we received were carpets that look brand new! I no longer need to strategically place area rugs to cover the worst of it! We’ve never had any kind of water damage emergency but if we did, I would call Leading Carpet Cleaning right away! I had never thought about it before but they can do steam tile & grout cleaning too. Such a better option than scrubbing with a brush all day! If you need home or commercial carpet cleaning, call these guys!

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