There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of carpet stains, ranging from food and beverages, to household chemicals, to anything else that makes contact with carpets. These stains can make your once beautiful and vibrant carpet look dingy and unsightly. Tending to the spots the moment they happen can make them disappear without any hardship, but generally, the longer they sit the harder they become to remove. Considering that point, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the stains that have lingered on your carpet that is better for the professional to remove.

Carpet Stains Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Remove

Blood Stains: Blood is a tricky element to remove from carpet. Generally, blood tends to set into carpet longer than other stains because more often than not, the top priority is to tend to the wound. Removing the blood stains is extraordinarily difficult as it dries into the fibers and hydrogen peroxide or chemicals similar can often take the blood out, but comes with the price of altering the color. Instead of potentially ruining your carpet in an effort to remove the blood stain, contact a specialist and let them utilize specially formulated cleaners and high powered extracting equipment to successfully remove the stain without causing any damage.
Mark & Ink Stains: Whether a small child decided to add their own art to the carpet, or a marker or pen decided to bleed the ink everywhere, removing such a stain is a difficult task. The longer the ink has to set into the fibers, the more impossible it can become to remove no matter what miracle product you have at your disposal. Investing in a professional carpet stain removing service in this scenario ensures the stain is removed and the carpet is unscathed.
Pet Stains: Pet stains are of the worst to remove, not only is the stain unappealing, but the odors absorbed into the carpet fibers and padding are just as nasty if not more so. Where homeowners may get lucky removing the stain and attached odors that might have instantly taken place, the chronic accident or the stains that had a chance to linger might prove impossible to remove without professional assistance.
Coffee Stains: Coffee is among the list of stains that seem near impossible to remove. They fool you into a false sense you are improving matters as the stain lightens into a yellowish-brown stain, and like pet stains, coffee stains, especially when milk has been added, is not only awful, but incredibly pungent. To ensure the stain is appropriately removed and odors neutralized, contact a specialist.
Red Wine & Juice Stains: These stains are not already difficult to remove at first contact and fresh, but like any other agent, once it has time to dry into the fibers, to say removing them is a challenge is an understatement. Both colored juices and red wine are extremely difficult to remove, but thanks to professional grade equipment and enhanced products, professionals are generally successful at removing these stains.

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If you are experiencing any of the above listed stains or having a tough time removing any other spots from your carpets, call in the professionals of Leading Carpet Cleaning and our experts will do the rest.