Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning in Orange, CA; How to Deep Clean a Used Mattress

The average person will spend approximately a third of their life in bed. As we sleep, sweat, dead skin cells, hair, dust, and other contaminants, allergens, and debris is soaking into the fibers. Considering the accumulation of filth, it is an atrocity that people often neglect the need to clean the mattress though it is one of the essentials. Apart from washing the bedding once every two weeks, the mattress needs to be cleaned and manufacturers recommend the mattress gets cleaned by the owner every 2-3 months and by a professional 1-2 times a year. Maintaining a clean mattress contributes to improved health and sleeping habits as well as increases the lifespan while being kept in optimal condition. In an effort to help those wanting the optimal clean for their mattress in between professional cleanings, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to offer an effective method in cleaning the mattress.

How to Deep Clean & Disinfect a Used Mattress

1) Get the Mattress Ready. Get the sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters started in the washing machine according to the directions indicated on the tag. Using a vacuum’s hose and the upholstery attachments, methodically vacuum the entire mattress including front, back, and all 4 sides. Especially focus on the seams and divots as that is where the particles tend to accumulate more so.
2) Neutralize and/or Prevent Odors. The sweat alone can cause the mattress to develop odors over time and add other factors, the likelihood only increases. To neutralize the smells and to also prevent any from occurring, blanket the surface of your mattress with baking soda and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. To add more fragrance, you can sift the baking soda with 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils. Vacuum the mattress, ensuring all of the particles have been removed. Baking soda alone will not lift stains and in this step is only used to control odors.
3) Remove any Stain & Spots. In the event that your mattress bears any spots or stains, create a paste by adding drops of baking soda together. Once you have made a paste of fairly thick consistency, add a few pinches of salt. With a toothbrush, apply the paste directly to any spots and stains, gently working the paste into the blemish. Allow the mixture to sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming the remnants. If necessary, follow up with a damp cloth to remove the final residue. If any stubborn stains linger, combine 1 part mild liquid dishwashing soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Use a toothbrush to sponge the mixture to the stain, agitating it as you go and let it sit for 5 minutes. With a damp cloth, wipe the area clean.
4) Thoroughly Dry the Mattress. Before remaking your bed, the mattress needs to be fully dry. To expedite the process turn on the ceiling fan if applicable, set out portable fans and if the weather permits, open the window.
5) Mattress Rotation. Every time you clean the mattress, it is important to flip it over and rotate it counter-clockwise to help even out the wear.

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