When it comes time to replacing the surface of your floors, many opt with the comfort of carpet. But when investing in premium quality carpeting, you want that carpet to last. There are many things you can do to ensure the carpet meets its life span, or even extend it past the expectancy. The more stringent and dedicated you are to the cause is essential. Making sure your family follows the rules as soon as it is first laid is usually simple task, but after 5, 10, or even 15 years, may not be so.

Leading Carpet Cleaning list some important aspects that will prolong the life of your newly installed carpet.

Don’t skimp on the carpet pad. A common mistake in many folks is that they invest more money in high quality carpets and skimp on the carpet pad. A well manufactured carpet pad, made with excellent quality materials gives your carpet added resilience, and additional comfort when walking and lounging on the carpet. With exceptional padding heavy traffic areas are better protected.
Utilize walk-off mats both on the interior and exterior of entry points. Accessorizing with walk-off mats can eliminate much of the debris and moisture from shoes that would normally be tracked onto the carpets. Be sure the exterior mat is engineered to withstand the elements, and is capable of removing the greater portion of the soil and mud. The interior mat should still be sturdy with a rubberized backing to prevent creeping. Both mats should be adequate size.
Vacuum regularly. To avoid the soiled debris getting embedded into the fibers, it is highly recommended that you vacuum regularly. A minimum of once a day is generally needed in high traffic areas, but if it needs more, do so. On carpets that don’t frequent daily use, vacuum 1-2 days a week to remove the settled dust.
Don’t neglect vacuum cleaner maintenance. If your vacuum doesn’t receive routine maintenance and cleaning the brushes become inadequate, and the bag or dir container becomes too full for effective use. Be sure to give the vacuum cleaner attention as well.
Remove stains as soon as possible. If stains occur, be sure to clean them up immediately. The longer a spill festers, the more the stain penetrates deep into the fibers, which makes the stain more difficult to remove.
Rotate the furnishings. If possible, keep rearranging the furniture periodically. Not only will the fibers have a chance to relax where the furniture once stood, but new traffic patterns can help balance out the carpet’s wear.
Avoid long periods of direct sunlight. With extensive sun rays hitting your carpet, the color will begin to fade. Ensure blinds or awnings are down when the sun is in direct view of the carpet.
Professional carpet cleaning. Invest in a professional cleaning from Leading Carpet Cleaning a minimum of once a year. Having an annual professional cleaning can remove the underlining filth that can cause traction when it is walked upon, contributing to the wear and tear.

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A common misconception is just because the carpet isn’t blemished with obvious stains or blemishes, a professional carpet cleaning isn’t needed. Always get the minimum professional carpets cleaning at least once a year to prolong the lifespan of your carpet. Contact us today!