How to Make Carpet Life Last Longer in Santa Ana CA. Call our Professional Carpet Cleaners for Expert Carpet Cleaning, Care & Maintenance!

The day your new carpet is installed is one you may never forget. The look of your home is beautiful and every room in your house shines like new. Keeping your carpet looking as good as it did the day that it was installed can be a challenge. Having your carpet regularly cleaned will greatly assist in lengthening the life of your floor and making your home look as beautiful as it did the day your new carpet was installed. There are a handful of steps you can take to keep your carpet from looking dull, old, frayed and stained. Take the time to properly care for the carpet in your home to extend its life and make your home look inviting.

Dirt Trapping Rugs & Shoes By the Door; Leave the Dirt Outside!

Every time someone comes into your home they bring in with them some amount of dirt, dust or grime that eventually settles into the surface of your carpet. One of the best ways to avoid this from happening is enforcing a no shoe policy in your home. Many homeowners purchase a cute basket or construct a handy shelf that sits at the entrance of the home for visitors to place their shoes in or on. This is a perfect way to eliminate the amount of dirt that comes into your homes and gets smashed into your carpet.

Vacuuming Should Become a Daily Habit

Vacuuming your carpet is one of the best way to keep it clean and make it last longer. Every day a new layer of dust, dirt and dander settle into your carpet’s fibers which if not cleaned up can lead to dullness, dark spots and stains. Dirt and other materials that are allowed to pile up on the surface of your carpet will damage your floor and shorten the overall life of your carpet. When you take the time to vacuum every day, you will eliminate any chance of these materials piling up on your carpet’s surface and your home will be much cleaner.

Clean up Carpet Spills & Stains ASAP!

Whether we like it or not, spills happen all of the time and usually when we least expect it, so we rarely have a towel in hand the second that a drink is tipped over in the living room. It is most important to clean up a spill immediately after it happens. The longer you allow a food or drink to sit on the surface of your carpet, the longer it has to seep into your carpet’s fibers and even the padding to cause permanent staining and even a permanent foul odor. Make sure you clean up a spill right after it happen to prevent any type of permanent damage on your carpet.

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