How to Get Old Axle & Motor Oil Car, Bike, Food & Other Grease Stains from Carpet in Fullerton, CA

A stain on your carpet is a real problem for many people. They want their home to look its very best and when your carpet is stained it can’t. That is why it is so important to know how to clean your carpets and treat hard to deal with stains. There are some stains that are really bad to leave sitting and one of those stains is from grease. Grease is hard to deal with when it is on any surface such as clothes, upholstery and especially carpet. You cannot take the piece of carpet out that is stained and wash it so you need to know how to treat it where it is. Grease is considered a stain because it interacts with the carpet in a chemical reaction. Grease and oil can easily cause damage to the carpet. You want to have a plan on how to treat each kind of stain including dealing with grease.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Explains the Best Process to Remove Oil & Grease Stains Left on Your Carpet

Where Did The Grease Stain Come From: The problem with a grease stain is there are really many types that you could be dealing with. Although most of the grease needs to be treated in the same way, it is good to know what you are looking at. If you drop a piece of greasy pizza on the ground that is sure to leave a grease stain. If you drip oil from cooking in the kitchen on the carpet you could have a stain and also from working on cars and other mechanics that use oil and grease to keep it working right can get on the carpet. Whatever the grease you are dealing with you need to be sure that you treat it right so that the stain does not end up getting bigger.
How to Get Grease & Oil Stains Out of Carpet: If you want to treat your grease stain on the carpet you want to make sure that you act quickly. You will need to blot away all the excess oil that you can see with a nice clean cloth. Once you have blotted away the majority of the excess liquid you want to make up your mixture. You can use a spray bottle for the mixture that you will use to spray on an absorbing pad. Get a bowl and mix eight parts of water with one part of each dishwashing soap and glycerin. Once they are all together you want to mix it well and add it to the spray bottle. Then shake the bottle well and soak one of the pads that you have to absorb the stain. Lay it over that spot that needs to be treated and allow it to sit for several minutes. You can repeat the process as long as you cleanse the area with water in between. If this does not work you will need to hire a carpet cleaning professional.

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If the stain does not come out the way you planned or you have need of any other professional floor or carpet cleaning, you can hire a carpet cleaning professional that will come out with the right tools and experience to remove the stain. Contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today!

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