How to Clean & Remove Old Pet Urine & Other Stains from Carpet in Placentia, CA

When you are worried about your carpets and want to do what you can to keep them looking good you need to know what you are dealing with. There are several types of stains, spots and spills you need to be worried about. If they are not treated properly and with the right cleaning solution to ensure that the stain gets clean and not damage your carpet. You want to keep your carpets looking good but cleaning them correctly will extend the life of the carpet as well. The more stains and spills that you have on your carpet the worse they will look. The longer they sit on the carpet the harder they will be to treat them and remove them. Over some time you will need to replace the carpet which can be a cost that you were not anticipating. Although any kind of spill can cause a stain there are some that are more common than others.

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Cleaning Pet Urine Carpet Stains: One of the most common types of problems that people call to ask for professional carpet cleaning is from pet stains. There is a huge reason that this is top of the list. Unlike other types of spills, the pet urine specifically is one that not only leaves a stain but a foul odor as well. The odor will remain even after the spill has been cleaned when done incorrectly. The odor has to be treated on its own to keep your house smelling fresh. Even the very best pet can have an accident and one small accident is enough to cause a problem in your home. Start by treating the look of the stain with a cleaning solution made up of water and dish soap. This is mild enough to not damage the carpet but enough to clean a spot that is still fresh. You need to neutralize the odor by using a baking soda that covers the area to sit. After about 15 minutes you can pick up what you can then run the vacuum.
Coffee Spills Stain Remover: One of the most common drinks that people will have to start their day is a cup of coffee. Where do you sit when you start off the day? Most likely on the couch catching up on news and other daily chores. The cup can be spilled and that will leave a large brown spot that needs to be cleaned as quickly as possible. You can use a vinegar, dish soap and water to treat the area. If it does not come out on the first try you need to repeat again until it is cleared. This will take some diligence and patience while you work on it.

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If you are concerned about stains on your carpet it is best to contact a professional carpet cleaner. Leading Carpet Cleaning has the tools and cleaning solution to take care of all types of stains.

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