How to Clean & Remove Chocolate & Red Wine Easter Stains from Carpet in Orange, CA

The two most common stains on our carpets that occur on Easter come from red wine and chocolate. Both stains can be a little stubborn, especially on lighter carpets. However with the right techniques and cleaning methods, you can remove these stains that occur from our traditional Easter holiday. Leading Carpet Cleaning will share methods on how to remove red wine and chocolates stains from your carpets.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Carpet

Chocolate stain isn’t too difficult to remove. However if not done correctly, you may have some light brown stains left on your carpets. Nothing makes a carpet look dirtier than a brown stain. Most would rate having a red stain verse a brown stain any day of the week. Nonetheless, you can remove chocolate stains even though it might take a little bit of effort. Just follow these few simple steps.
Step 1. First, if there are any chocolate chucks from a melted piece of Easter chocolates, scrape them off with a butter knife or any blunt object. Don’t use anything sharp that might cut the carpet fibers.
Step 2. Vacuum up the residual chocolate chucks if any remain as well as the area around the stain.
Step 3. Create a mixture; mix one cup of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of ammonia together into a bowl. Note: it is recommended you use distilled water verses tap water. The minerals in tap water get left behind and discolor carpets.
Step 4. Use either a sponge or a white rag to blot the cleaning mixture onto the stain. Make sure not to scrub the stain. Always blot.
Step 5. Use a dry rag to blot area and absorb the moisture. Continue to go between the cleaning solution and the dry rag until the stain dissolves.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

When it comes to any stain, it is best to clean it quickly. This is even truer when it comes to red wine. Again never scrub at a stain and especially a red stain. Remember to blot at the stain. Additionally use white cleaning cloth or paper towels as you remove red wine stains.
Step 1. As the spill of the red wine occurs, use either a white paper towel or cloth and lightly place it on top of the stain. This will absorb most of the liquid from out of the carpet.
Step 2. Before applying any cleaner, pour cold water over the stain and reapply the dry paper towel to absorb the water. Repeat this step thee times.
Step 3. Use salt and pour it over the stain. Let is stains for about 15 minutes, then vacuum up the salt. By this point, most of the red wine stain should be dissipating.
Step 4. Mix together in a bowl, two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and gently mix them together.
Step 5. With a white cloth blot at the stain. Continue to blot at the stain until it is gone.

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Don’t let this Easter holiday leave it’s mark on your carpet. Don’t let a few stains put a damper on your mood. By following these simple steps, you can rid your carpet of those red wine or chocolate stains. Additionally, Leading Carpet Cleaning can help provide many services that can reach deep and clean your home’s floor and upholsteries and restore them to their original shine. If it is time for a deep cleaning, call Leading Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment today.

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