Carpets are a great addition to any home and can leave a nice comfortable and cozy space. The problem with carpets is that they tend to get stained from everyday living. This can be from juice being spilled, candy and food being dropped or foot traffic that brings in all kinds of dirt. The carpet will need to be cared for appropriately to ensure that they remain looking good and feeling clean. There is the normal every day cleaning that usually includes vacuuming to remove some dirt and dust that is constantly settling on the carpets. It will also include regular carpet cleaning done by a professional to remove those hard to treat areas and high traffic stains. One part that needs to be done in between the professional cleaning is the stain removal. Although many of the stains can be removed when the carpets are cleaned it is a great idea to treat them when they happen. This will lessen the chance they have to set in.

Leading Carpet Cleaning lists stain removal treatments that you can try on your own carpets.

Baking Soda Odor Neutralizer Stain Removal: If you have a stain that is still wet you may want to try to the method using baking soda. This is a great way to not only pull the moisture out but also to treat stains that are known to cause odor as well. You want to lay the baking soda on the affected area and allow it to sit for several minutes and up to overnight. After you have allowed it to sit you want to vacuum it up and that should help to remove the stain and the odor as well.
Salt for Wine Stain Removal: Have you ever spilled red wine on your carpets? That is one of the worst spills and the wine can soak into the carpet fibers fast causing a huge stain. If you see the accident and have a bottle of salt you can treat the spot. You want to use a white wine to dilute the color of the red and use a dry cloth to dab the area. Then you can use salt to spread around the area. Let is set in for about ten minutes and vacuum it up. This will drastically reduce the look of the spill.
Club Soda for Pet Stain Removal: If you need to treat a wet stain and you have a bottle of club soda you can start the treatment right away. Club soda works best on stains from pet accidents. Start by dabbing and blotting away the excess urine to prepare it to be cleaned. You want to soak the area in the club soda and allow it to sit. You can then soak it up with a dry cloth which will help to pull up the stain as well.
Ice Cubes for Gum Stain Removal: Have you come across a chewed up piece of gum stuck to the carpet? This can seem like an impossible task to get the gum out but there is a way. The best way to get gum out of your carpet without damaging the carpet is to use a bag of ice. The ice is left on the spot to freeze the gum so that it can be chipped away. You can use a butter knife or credit card to scrape the frozen gum. You can repeat the process as necessary to get all the gum out.

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