Area Rug Cleaning Tips for Synthetic & Natural Fiber Handmade & Antique Rugs in Whittier, CA

Area rugs are implemented for many different reasons, but primarily, they are used to add protection to the flooring and accessorize the room. Area rugs, because of their main purpose, will often endure heavy foot traffic and abuse and before too long, the area rugs will look beyond their years, suffer expedited wear and tear, and lose longevity, as well as contribute to poor indoor air quality and bring the overall aesthetics of the room down, no matter how clean and polished it is. Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to share some advice on tips on how to care and properly clean your area rugs.

Basic Cleaning & Care of Area Rugs

For area rugs that do not require specialized cleaning, below you will see how to keep your area rugs clean and in optimal condition.
1) Routine Area Rug Vacuuming: Area rugs need to be vacuumed daily or more so if the occasion calls for it. Keeping the dirt from compacting below the surface will keep it from matting and looking dingy. There are some vacuums that feature an “area rug” setting, if this applies, take advantage, otherwise select the appropriate setting for the length of the fibers. Avoid running the vacuum over any decorative fringe, as vacuuming it can fray the fringes along with other damages. Vacuuming rugs better maintain the dirt saturation and reduce the buildup.
2) Remove Pet Hair on Area Rugs: Vacuuming isn’t always adequate to ensure the hair is removed. Whether you have pet hair/fur, or human hair from shedding, the hair mars the appearance and contributes to the debris, causing friction. Periodically, brush out hair that may have compiled on your rug in the direction of the nap, and throw away the clumps.
3) Keep Area Rugs Rotated: Area rugs should be rotates 2-4 times a year, depending on traffic patterns and sun exposure. Sun light fades your rugs colors and dries them out, heavy traffic patterns increases wear and by rotating the area rugs; you can even out the wear.
4) Shake Area Rugs Out: Smaller rugs that are easily manipulated can be taken outside and shaken well to remove excess dirt and debris that is deep in the fibers and if they have mild odors, leaving them outside for a couple hours can help release the stagnant odors and help them smell fresh.

Natural Fiber, Handmade & Antique Oriental & Persian Rug Care

Be sure to read the tag and follow the directions as some rugs require special cleaning and care instructions.
1) Handmade & Antique Rugs. Start by placing a nylon screen on top of your rug. Using your vacuum’s hose and attachment, vacuum the rug through the screen. These rugs are extremely fragile and require delicate handling and cleaning; if you are not comfortable, invest in a professional cleaning.
2) Braided Area Rugs. Lay a blanket or some towels down on a solid surface that will not be affected by water off to the side. Put the braided rug on a hard surface floor that can get wet. Generously sponge your preferred rug cleaning detergent according to the labels directions onto the rug and work it in well. Rinse the rug thoroughly. On dry blankets or towels set the clean rug on top until it is completely dry.
3) Fur or Sheepskin Rugs. Start by sprinkling talcum powder onto the rug. Brush the rug in detail. Once you have completed that step, take the rug outside and shake vigorously until no more debris falls. You may have to repeat of the debris is compacted, or fur is longer.

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