Are Carpet Cleaning Services Safe Around Your Baby in Anaheim, CA; Steam Cleaning Removes Pests, Germs, Bacteria & More

When you have a new child at home or a young family you want your home clean. The surfaces are washed down, disinfected and cleaned to remove any debris, dirt and potential germs that could harm your child. They also take time to close off and lock cupboards and stairways that also pose a potential hazard as well. When it comes to the carpet many people believe that carpet cleaning solutions are dangerous and full of chemicals. When carpet cleaning first began there was not a big push on ecofriendly cleaners and there was less known about the hazards of the chemicals that were used. This led to many parents reporting their child getting a rash after crawling on freshly cleaned carpet. They also had some children that would get an upset stomach as well. We all know that babies put everything in their mouth so after their toys are on the ground they could get sick. The difference now is that carpet cleaning companies have taken huge strides towards environmentally safe cleaning solutions as well as much better equipment. No longer is carpet cleaning the hazard to small children or babies but not having your carpets cleaned professionally is the real hazard. The cleaning solution that is used is safe around children and the equipment that is used to extract the water as well as the cleaner is strong enough to leave no residue.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Carpet Cleaning is Safe to Use Around Your Baby

Your Carpets Could Have Beetles & Dust Mites: Just imagine laying your baby down on a huge ant pile. No parent would knowingly do that to a child so why would you bypass having your carpets professionally cleaned? You may not realize it but your carpets can be playing host to carpet beetles as well as dust mites. They are tiny microscopic pests that live in your home and will hang around the carpet. The pests are not a huge worry as far as biting a person or child because they are so small they do not have the ability. The issue is that they can be in the air that you and your small child is breathing which can lead to asthma and troubles breathing. The professional carpet cleaner can come out and clean the carpets as well as remove these pesky beetles and dust mites.
Germs & Bacteria Live On Carpets: When you have a cold or a flu and you walk around your house you are most likely touching all kinds of surfaces. Most people know how to remove these germs from their counter but never think twice about the carpet. The truth is the germs that cause colds and flus can live in your carpet for a month! That means that you might think it is okay to lay your baby down but you could be laying them on the germs that could get them sick. The best way to ensure that the carpets are not covered in these germs is to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

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