How to Remove Cat & Dog Pet Dander from Carpet, Area Rug, Couch & More in Fullerton, CA

Facing the realization that you are allergic to one of your favorite loved ones can be a tough pill to swallow. Discovering your allergy to your kitty or pup friend can be difficult to manage. Where some can control the dander to an extent, others have it so severe they have no choice but to rehome their furry friends. In an effort to help those who want to make the relationship work, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips to managing the pet dander left behind by your dog or cat to minimize the allergy effects.

Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Dander & Relieving Allergy Symptoms

Removing dander from the home is near impossible but you can significantly reduce it. Minimizing the amount left in the nooks and crevices is the goal as the more that accumulates for longer periods of time can trigger your allergies more frequently and keep the symptoms from clearing up. Pet dander is a stubborn protein-substance that sticks and settles everywhere. Maintaining your home is the primary contributor to reducing the pet dander; below are the basic points.
Wash hard surfaces regularly. The walls, tabletops, baseboards, countertops, and other hard surfaces need to be washed with hot soapy water periodically. On wood surfaces and such, a multi-purpose surface cleaner can also be used to wipe away the dander and keep it from spreading.
Curtains and upholstery need routine cleaning. Our pets indulge sleeping, sitting, and lounging on the furniture, even if it must be done behind your back. To control the daily dander, a lint brush works well. Additionally, vacuum the upholstery once a week to remove the dander left behind. Curtains should also be washed according to the directions because the dander clings to them as well. A professional upholstery cleaning should be conducted 1-2 times a year to remove the buildup that has penetrated below the surface.
Carpets and rugs require daily vacuuming. Hiding right beneath your feet, there is most likely plenty of dander building up on the carpets and rugs. To help keep the dander from being released back into the air, invest in a double or micro filter High Efficiency Particulate Arrestin bag vacuum. Vacuuming should be done on a daily basis or as often as possible. Additionally, carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to help control the dander that manages to elude the vacuum.
Dogs and cats need maintenance too. To reduce the dander supply in the home, control the dander at its source. Despite that most of our fur babies despise bath time and would sooner give you the silent treatment, giving your cat or dog a bath every so often will help prevent a lot of the dander from landing on varied surfaces throughout your home. Additionally, a healthy diet that promotes healthy skin and fur will cut down the dander. Food with Omega 3 fatty acids is ideal but don’t hesitate to ask your vet’s advice on the matter.

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