Carpet Sun Fading Causes, Repair & Prevention in Orange California

With summer coming to a close and the temperatures finally beginning to reach comfortable temperatures, opening the blinds, drapes and shutters to allow sunshine in helps brighten the home without the extreme heat that comes with doing so during the summer time. While letting sunshine into your home provides excellent lighting and a fresh new look, you may be harming the quality of your carpet. As funny as that sounds, it is absolutely true. Sun fading occurs when your carpet or rugs are exposed to sunlight for a significant amount of time over and over again, causing the fibers of your carpet to lighten in color only in the areas exposed to the sun’s rays. This leaves your carpet or rug with an uneven color and even appear to be old and dingy.

Carpet Sun Fading

Fading is a natural and normal process caused by many different factors. The location of your carpet, exposure to light, color intensity and the types of dyes and methods used during the manufacturing of your carpet, these are all factors that affect the severity of the carpet fading. Fading actually starts the very second you place your carpet or rug under natural light, even if you have not yet noticed it, the fading of your carpet or rug fibers has already begun. If you want to keep your carpet and rugs in the best condition possible, then you must take immediate action.

Sun Fading Prevention

The sun can dull the colors of your rug or carpets making them look completely different than it did when you fell in love with it at the store. Protecting your carpet or rugs from sun fading is not too difficult and requires simple steps of action.

– First begin by placing your rugs out of direct sunlight. Even if the sun can reach your rug, your rug is much safer in the center of the room, opposed to right next to a big window that the sun can shine through.

– Be sure to close draperies when you are not home or when natural light is not necessary. If you do not like blocking the sun while you are home, you can still close the drapes while you are away from the home shopping, working or running errands. You can also use protective window treatments like ultraviolet blocking window coatings, which are quite unnoticeable when purchased as the clear version.

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